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Member Bonuses

Sofia Sweety
Trusted Member Bonus

Aside from Sofia’s weekly updates members can unlock access to various bonus levels.  Bonus levels give access to additional picture and video downloads over time.

SofiaSweety Bonus Scheduled Updates:

      • Trusted Member Bonus Level 1 – Automatically Activated After 1 Month

      • Trusted Member Bonus Level 2 – Automatically Activated After 3 Months

      • Trusted Member Bonus Level 3 – Automatically Activated After 5 Months

      • Trusted Member Bonus Level 4 – Automatically Activated After 7 Months

One Bonus Update Of Either Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 Is Added Every Friday!

Members with bonus levels already activated on our other websites can get bonuses more quickly on Sofia’s site!  Bonus Level 2 of any site gives Bonus Level 1 on Sofia’s site automatically, Bonus Level 3 gives Bonus Level 2, and Bonus Level 4 gives Bonus Level 3 & 4!

Eligible Sites For Automatic Bonuses:

If your paid subscription to Yoga Lessons expires, your bonuses will also expire.  However if you re-signup to Yoga Lessons, you will also be automatically re-activated for bonuses (Can take up to 24 hours for reactivation as the website script checks automatically once a day).

DO NOT complain about bonuses!  Bonuses are a free extra, something to look forward to, even if our websites didn’t have bonuses they would still be the best websites out there with the most amount of content.  You cannot fast-track bonuses by paying extra upfront, and complaining about not having access immediately will either be ignored or possibly have you removed from membership to our website(s).